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Tyler Bozak & Phil Kessel (updated 1/5/15)

Phil Kessel, born Oct 2, 1987 in Madison, Wisconsin, plays right wing for the Toronto Maple Leafs. He's pretty good at what he does - only Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby have had more 30 goal seasons under 25, even though Phil battled testicular cancer his rookie year.

Bozak and Kessel, Kessel and BozakCollapse )

Marilyn Monroe?
I suspect this might get buried on my tumblr as the picture auto embeds as a grey box, SO. I dug this quote up a while ago from Sid:

What was your worst hazing experience?
Ralph Allan — Winnipeg, Manitoba

In junior they put Vaseline in our hair. It didn’t come out for about a week. I also had to dress up in a costume — I was Marilyn Monroe.

lquacker helpfully provided this:

cut for potentially nsfw-ness? there's thigh. a lot of thighCollapse )

I don't think the picture is exactly clear enough to be certain, but.. just gonna leave that there.

Andrew Ference: Hipster
Artsy Remix featuring The Grouch by edIT

Andrew Ference is a Boston Bruin and a Stanley Cup champion.

He is also a hipster.

A hipster is a hard thing to define, but the internet informs me hipsters often do things that Ference does.

for example....Collapse )

Intro (outro?)
A little empty as I've become more selective about what fandom-related things I keep public. Find me elsewhere at Tumblr and Twitter (also sparse), with fics and other links at Pinboard.

My current fandoms are mainly hockey, Johnnys (Kinki Kids, Kanjani8, Arashi), Sherlock, Star Trek, Avengers, Teen Wolf, and other things I'm sure to be adding in the future.